Friday, November 28, 2003

FAIR slashes Hannity to bits ...
The latest issue of Extra! by FAIR takes a really good look at the supposed fair and balanced "Hannity & Colmes" show: [An Aggressive Conservative vs. a "Liberal to be Determined"]. This is probably one of the most thorough investigations into Hannity's background. As a regular watcher of the "Sell-a-book & Colmes" show, I can tell you that this report by FAIR is very accurate portrayal of the overwhelming one-sided fight on the show, which I have stated in previous posts.
I like Alan Colmes. When his show was being broadcast in Boston, I was a regular listener, wrote letters to WRKO supporting the show, and have communicated with Colmes irregularly. However, as one other blogger noted, Colmes does act like Hannity's prison bitch on the FoxNews TV show.
While Hannity is a tactical [shrill] debater - often berating liberal guests, Colmes is apologetic in his position and ingratiating towards conservative guests. Some could say he is a classier act than Hannity. But some of us on the other side would like to see him get some backbone - or replaced with someone with some backbone. I doubt that will happen because Hannity prefers to run and dominate his show.

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