Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Sounds from space?
The crew aboard the international space station reported hearing "crunching" sounds this week: ["Space station crew hears crunching sound"].

Interesting endorsements
Rolling Stone writer William Greider endorses Dean ...: ["Why I'm for Dean"]. Here is an interesting passage:
"The governor has shown flashes of the same bluntness in his prime-time campaigning. Last summer, he told a revealing story on himself--a conversation with Robert Rubin, the former Treasury Secretary and Wall Street's main money guy for Democrats. Rubin had warned that unless Dean stopped attacking NAFTA and the multinationals for the migration of US jobs, he couldn't raise contributions for him from the financial sector. As Dean told it, "I said, 'Bob, tell me what your solution is.' He said, 'I'll have to get back to you.' I haven't heard from him." What I like so much about the story is that powerful, influential Bob Rubin pokes Dean in the chest, and he pokes him back. Then Dean discloses the exchange to the Washington Post."
Since when has Dean attacked NAFTA? He has been a cheerleader for NAFTA. I don't know what the hell Greider is talking about here.

... while Historian Howard Zinn endorses Dennis Kucinich: ["Zinn"].