Wednesday, November 19, 2003

The supposed liberal radio network
All you folks out there hoping for a liberal radio network may just have to wait a little longer. AnShell Media, the company that is supposed to be setting up the network, has announced they have been sold to a former AOL/DNC exec: . I have just one question: Why is this guy paying ANYTHING for basically NOTHING? There is no liberal radio network called AnShell. The site: ["AnShell Media"]. lists no talk hosts, no radio programming, no affiliates, no launch date, essentially, no network. Sure, they have a handful of Democratic activists on the board of directors and there are some press clippings about the couple promoting the creation of the network but there is essentially no network! Here are a couple of lines I think are interesting:

Walsh, who once worked for the Democratic National Committee, appears to have a less partisan vision for the radio network than the Drobnys. He described the planned programming as primarily "centrist, with a hint of liberalism."
Great, however, we already have that - it's called NPR!

Though the Drobnys initially said they planned to be operational by the fourth quarter of 2003, AnShell has yet to take any significant steps toward getting on the air. The company has not hired any talent, purchased any stations or signed any contracts for distributing any programs.
Like I said, it isn't a network.

"I've never seen anything that doesn't exist get so much press," said Michael Harrison, editor of Talkers, an industry trade magazine.
Eh, neither have I!

Drobny, who initially said he would spend $10 million of his own money to start the network, confirmed that he spent less than that and profited from the sale.
Is this a bait and flip? A lot of people are waiting for something to happen and it doesn't look like it will. You gotta wonder.

Limboob, the money launderer?
Brian Ross has a huge scoop at ABCNews: ["Money Matters"].
My question: Since when does a bank deliver cash? And, how come no one dimed him out earlier? In the end it will be one law for him, another for the rest of us.

Latest poll numbers
Zogby reported this morning that Howard Dean is solid in New York: Dean 21 percent, Wesley Clark at 10 percent, Dick Gephardt and John Kerry tied with 7, and the Rev. Al Sharpton and Joe Lieberman tied with 6 percent. It should be noted that in a head to head match up with President Bush, Gephardt has the best numbers: Gephardt 48 percent to Bush's 38 percent. Lieberman would beat Bush by 8 percent while Clark, Dean and Kerry would all beat Bush by 5 percent, or within the margin or error. Very interesting numbers here.
In a Marist poll out of New Hampshire Monday, Dean continues to lead handily: Dean 44 percent to Kerry's 23 percent. Third place continues to be the battle or "comeback kid" slot: John Edwards at 7 percent, with Gephardt and Lieberman tied at 6 percent.