Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Mercenaries vs. Children

A lot has already been said about the mercenaries who were dragged through the streets of Fallujah last week.
There was the discussion of the media censoring the photos. There were the headlines [like the Boston Herald's "SAVAGES!"]. There were the attacks on Democratic bloggers for basically asking the question, What's the big deal? We invaded their country. What did we expect them to do? There was the fact that the mercenaries were called "civilians" by the media and not identified properly as "mercenaries" - which is exactly what they are. There is the issue of how terrible it is that they were killed in the first place and wondering what the hell they are doing there in the first place.
But there is one thing the media hasn't covered - the 52 Iraqis who died during the same firefights, including these children here: ["Aljazeera Pictures Falluja"].
This is the whole reason we don't go to war over silly things like oil. How many more mercenaries must die? How many more children must die?

The Psychedelic Furs and the citation

Who says all the hacks on Beacon Hill aren't cool? State Sen. Robert Hedlund, a Republican, and state Rep. Kevin Honan, a Democrat, both rock and roll fans, issued a citation to the Furs for the band's "years of dedication to music and entertainment": ["LOVE THEIR WAY"]. The Herald's "Inside Track" has a bit more information - and a picture: ["'80s music is cool for Hard Rock-ing pol"].

Nader and Oregon

Well, the media is spinning - Nader fails his first big test: ["Nader Fails to Make Oregon Ballot"]. Gee, do you think Howard Dean spanking Nader a few hours before had anything to do with the fact that the turnout was "only" 741? Please. At the height of the 2000 campaign, a day before Election Day, Nader had a few hundred more than that at a rally at UNH. Getting over 700 people this early in the campaign is pretty good. So, he has to go about it the hard way - getting 15,000. Big deal. Then, there is this "analysis": ["Nader effort caught in a double dribble"].
Plus, is it time to impeach Bush? Nader thinks so: ["Nader Calls for Bush to Be Impeached"]
Nader's site has a great letter attacking the people who run the site: ["An open letter..."].

What's with all the raping?
A week or two ago, I posted a story about American servicemen raping their female counterparts. But how about this bozo, the producer of "Girls Gone Wild!": ["Producer accused of rape"]. Then, there was this about local rock guy Howie Day: ["Singer jailed after show"]. Since when do rockers have to allegedly force groupies to do anything? Pretty pathetic.