Friday, April 27, 2007

Debate perception update
No comment from me on the debate because I didn't stay up until 1 a.m. to see the rebroadcast. Hopefully, C-SPAN or MSNBC, will repeat it over the weekend so I can check it out. I saw some of the highlights, including Mike Gravel saying, "Some of these people frighten me!" ... which was totally hilarious. However, here are some polling numbers to look at and what others think:
With 11,753 people voting over at Daily Kos, the results of who won the debate last night have altered slightly: Edwards drops to 18, Obama 17, None of the Above and Clinton both bump up to 12, More than one of the above drops to 11, Gravel rises to 10, Richardson drops to 5, Kucinich drops to 5, and remaining steady are Biden at 3 and Dodd at 2.
SurveyUSA also released a poll late last night of South Carolina debate watchers. They called 1,200 voters and only 400-plus said they watched the debate. Of them, 31 percent said Obama won the debate with Clinton receiving 24 percent and Edwards 14. Not sure received 13 percent. Biden got 6 percent, Richardson 4, and Kucinich 3. Dodd and Gravel were tied with 2 percent. When asked, "Who lost the debate?" Not sure received 20, Gravel 17, Clinton 12, Kucinich 10, Dodd, Obama and Richardson 9, Biden 8, and Edwards 5. Independents in the poll favored Obama three to one over Clinton and two to one over Edwards. Edwards and Obama were tied amongst Republicans polled. It's puzzling that SurveyUSA would poll Republicans and Independents - who I believe can't vote in the South Carolina Democratic primary because it is a closed primary - to find out what they thought.
Lastly, from my Sitemeter tracking, four people visited Politizine over the last 12 hours Googling for results on Mike Gravel with one looking for information on Dennis Kucinich.

Update: C-SPAN will rebroadcast the debate on Saturday at 10:30 a.m. EDT.
Update correction: C-SPAN will rebroadcast the debate on Saturday at 9:21 p.m. EDT.

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