Monday, April 30, 2007

Gravel in June 3 debate!
Former Alaskan Sen. Mike Gravel just finished up a short interview on CNN's "The Situation Room" political show. At the end of the interview, host Wolf Blitzer announced that Gravel would be included in the lineup for the June 3rd debate sponsored by CNN, WMUR-TV Channel 9 out of Manch, and the New Hampshire Union Leader.
Previously, it looked like the Gravel wouldn't be allowed into the debate. UL spokespeople noted that Gravel hadn't been excluded from the debate, just not invited yet. Others have questioned Gravel's inclusion and said it should depend on the level of support he has.
But after Gravel's performance, the blogosphere seems to have literally exploded with interest in Gravel's campaign. He placed fourth in a Daily Kos online poll, receiving more than 1,500 votes and an online petition posted two days ago requesting the three media entities to include Gravel, received more than 5,100 signatures in less than 48 hours.

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Anonymous said...

And we all know how scientific online polls are. ;)

Sorry for the sarcasm, couldn't resist. I didn't hear much of the debate and pretty much all I heard from this guy was out and out nuttiness. Granted I could have missed the sane parts but I'm not thinking there were much.

But hey, at least he's livelier than Kucinich. :D