Wednesday, April 16, 2008

NAB2008, Part 2

No, I'm not there. But, I'm on enough lists where I kinda don't have to be in. I'm getting all the hot news. First, this ... Tim Robbins telling it like it is: ["Tim Robbins Decries Media 'Abyss' in NAB keynote"]. I knew his appearance was going to be this good when I saw it in the promo mailer I got. Do ... DO listen to the audio in its entirety. It's worth the time.

Second, from Tom Taylor, a radio guy who puts out a pretty good radio business gossip newsletter. Check out how bad things are:
To “do” the dealmaking part of the NAB Spring show, all that’s really required is stand in the lobby at the Bellagio – where the players greet their friends, re-confirm later appointments high in the secluded suites, and promise to email or phone later. The Bellagio’s the playing field where business gets done – or this year, doesn’t get done as much as usual. One dealmaker told me (standing underneath the Bellagio’s signature umbrella of giant glass flowers) that compared to previous years, “It’s kinda dead.” Why’s that?
It's kinda funny if you think about it. In September 2005, I wrote this after going to one of the super sessions:
At the same time that advances in technology put the radio business in flux, heavy-hitters from the industry are warning that more consolidation will be coming ...
A lot of good that did the industry. The whole world is re-fying and trying to make the payments. Crazy.
There are also rumors from Tom that Hannity is going to jump ship from one corporate boss to the other. Didn't I write about this rumor back in September 2006? Yup, I did. Who cares. I was a little shocked to read that Iannity brings the network $35 million. Damn, that's a lot of money.

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