Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A pathetic debate

I'm shutting it off right now.
It has taken more than a hour to get to a serious question. I have figured out the problem with these debates. I'm surprised I never realized it before. The debate hosts are playing to the political junkies and not ordinary Americans. That is why they are asking these gotcha questions.
Despite what talk radio hosts think, no ordinary American cares about the Rev. Wright controversy. They want to know why ExxonMobill can be allowed to post $43 billion in profits ... profits, while the rest of us struggle to line their pockets. They don't care about Bittergate ... they are bitter. They know they are being creamed and lied too. They don't care about the spats between the two of them - they care about health care, jobs, housing, Iraq, their personal liberties being infringed, etc. Enough already with this crap.

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