Saturday, November 7, 2009

House passes supposed "health care" reform ...

The vote was 220 to 215, with one Republican voting for the bill.
A provision remains in the bill that has a criminal penalty of prison time for not purchasing an insurance policy. They also took out abortion funding in order to secure the votes (to secure the votes of other Democrats, you know, the ones that are always supposedly pro-choice, wow ...).
One of the women on my Twitter feed wrote: "Can't have your abortions and have the government (aka other people) pay for it, too." Interesting point but at the same time, some folks need them in emergencies.
Another person wrote: "I'd just like the point out that if you don't want the government telling you what to do, don't ask them to foot the bill." That's another problem with all of this too which is a bigger issue to discuss than in a blog post.
But, this monstrosity is so, so wrong.
The Democrats have voted to approve a "health care reform" bill that is nearly 2,000 pages that no one has read, doesn't cover abortion funding (meaning only those who can afford an abortion will be able to get one), doesn't regulate costs in any real form, and forces people to buy insurance whether they want to or not.
This isn't "health care reform" ... this is corporate welfare and guaranteed profits for insurance companies with the Congress forcing us to pay it all ... In other words, Congress is doing what they always do - screwing us and lining the pockets of their friends, under the guise of helping others.


Jeremy said...

I was amused at Nancy Pelosi calling it "bipartisan" because a Rhino voted for it. I don't think that people who need emergency abortions will ever have a problem finding them. People are already paying for abortions with their tax money, President Obama's first executive order was to reverse the policy of not allowing federal funding for foreign clinics that provide abortions or even discuss them.
I agree 100%, this isn't any kind of reform, just another overreach of the federal government. I'm especially amused by the simple fact that no one had the time to read it, let alone understand any of the provisions. The insurance companies will profit from this, and few others will. And all for the forcasted cost of 12 trillion dollars. Did I mention that it doesn't go into effect for 3 to 5 years? Let the conference committee haggling begin!

Tony said...

One quick note: It's $1.2 trillion over 10 years; not $12 trillion. But, that said, it's still what it is: Corporate welfare and guaranteed profits for insurance companies.

Jeremy said...

Sorry, got my numbers wrong (I must have been thinking of the national debt....). Of course, the GAO and other accounting folks get it wrong quite frequently. Just look G.W. Bush's Medicaide atrocity of a few years ago. Originally projected to cost 395 billion (in 10 years), now depending on who is making the estimate, it's 534 to 724 billion. Either way, it's not going to reform healthcare or insurance or make it any more affordable. And it certainly won't help with quality of care.