Thursday, December 2, 2010

Infuriating ...

This is simply infuriating: ["Fed aid in financial crisis went beyond U.S. banks to industry, foreign firms"].
So, instead of letting them all sink, a slew of connected companies got handouts and one of them, a big media company, didn't report on the handouts. Meanwhile, everyone else in the real world - from the downtown shop to the part-time newspaper peddler - got ransacked. Many of us lost a lot or everything. Did any of the big CEOs at these companies take a pay cut to get by when cash flow was drying up? Nope. Come on.
If people don't now realize that everything is upside down, that both political parties are screwing our country, that monetary policy isn't about you or me but about them and control, and that the Fed needs to be audited pronto, you're just a lunatic in the wilderness.

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