Saturday, December 18, 2010

Who's hot and who's not?

James Pindell has the latest up and down of NH pols here: ["Political Standing for Dec. 17, 2010"].

There's a new aggregate news site covering New Hampshire and the world: ["NH Journal"]. One has to wonder if we really needed another aggregate site. However, they seem to also be creating their own news, which is a good thing too (one of their stories landed on the Drudge Report, just a day or two out of the gate ...). And, the more the merrier, as the saying goes. Good luck to them!

Magellan Strategies releases a 2012 New Hampshire primary poll which shows exactly what I wrote a couple of weeks ago: President Obama would defeat all challengers easily and handily: ["Automated survey"]. It should be noted that the poll was commissioned by NH Journal.

This is too bad because, from what I've seen of this show, I kinda like it: ["At CNN, Talk Show Tensions"]. There's not a lot of yelling. They've had interesting people on, like a poet, and the Doobie Brothers playing live, which is kinda cool. I don't know if the show would work with Eliot Spitzer all by himself. I think Kathleen Parker adds a lot to the co-host chair. These television people really need to let things ride for a bit without always jumping in to monkey around with a show format. Give it time to breath already.

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