Friday, April 15, 2011

Personal day today ...

I decided to take a personal day from work today, the first one in like forever, to do some family stuff. Spent the morning with my youngest, baking a cake, playing around, watching Max & Ruby, and having lunch.
Later, I'll be checking out my eldest son's school play. Can't wait to see it. Such fun. :-)
It's been a good day to decompress. Got a lot on the mind and I'm going to try not to do any work over the weekend. Of course that means that Monday will be a train wreck, but whatever ... There's a lot going on so I will try and post some new comments during the weekend. Or maybe I will blow that off too. LOL. Stay tuned.

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Mark de Zabaleta said...

It's good family time to change our hard drive....

mark de zabaleta