Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The reason NH has a budget "crisis" ...

Finally, finally, somebody said it: ["Radical? Extremist? Ignorant? Not me!"].
I don't know this state representative, but I certainly hope he doesn't get unelected for doing the right thing. Simply put, this is why New Hampshire has a state budget "crisis":
In the last four years, the Democrats increased the New Hampshire budget by about $2.5 billion - an increase of almost 30 percent.
This is correct. The budget increased almost 17 percent in two years and another 11 or 12 in the next two years (we budget biennially here).
The inflation rate during that time period was about 8 percent. In other words, the state budget increased nearly four times the rate of inflation when the Democrats controlled the Legislature. And we didn't vote them in to do that! We voted the Democrats control of the Legislature in 2006 to be fiscally responsible and because we were mad at the Republicans for wasting billions in those stupid, unneeded wars.
This absurd increase was funded by over 80 increased taxes and fees and was made on the backs of the majority of hardworking New Hampshire residents during a major recession. Any board of selectmen or CEO would be fired for such an absurd increase. And those who voted for the absurd increase were fired - that is how I got elected.
That's right. Many of us, including me, split our tickets in 2010. I only voted for one of the four Democrats running for the Legislature this year (I voted for one Republican, who didn't win, and blanked the rest. I did, however, cast votes for Democrats Gov. Lynch and Kuster for Congress, and would again). That person has, regretfully, voted against this budget and voted for broad-based taxes. He also voted for the LLC tax that would have hit us supposed "rich" people for $850 we don't have. I continue to vote for this representative because he is a good man and supports other good things. But he is wrong on this issue.
Listen to Gov. John Lynch's state-of-the-state address in 2006 and 2008, as he discusses how well New Hampshire is doing and how highly we are ranked. Then think of how, after the $750 million cut takes effect, we will still be spending $1.75 billion more than four years ago.
Again, we are in the middle of a major crisis here. We are overspending. We can't implement an income or sales tax because it will hurt working families, renters, the poor, and the elderly. Period. It's not a solution. Don't believe the hype and the lies. The Democrats in our Legislature overspent and now, the Republicans are in there trying to fix things. Maybe they have gone too far. That remains to be seen. But something has to be done and this is a good place to start.

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