Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quick note to readers, old and new ...

Hey everyone, thanks for reading and participating. I appreciate it.
I apologize in advance for not always keeping things updated and fresh. But clearly, at least trying to update things, is paying off a bit since there has been a nice uptick in traffic of late (there have been more posts in March and April than there were in January and February, for example; there are more followers than there were just a few months ago, etc.).
As well, on two different occasions in the last year or so, readers have used some of my comments and work in college papers and others things that they have later sourced online (It’s a bit difficult to track but some folks are nice enough to do thorough sourcing, which is kinda cool).
At the same time, I have been given more responsibility at work (they've given me a second paper to co-edit) so I don't have a ton of time to write about my personal and political observations. Obviously, with 2012 coming up - shouldn't it be here already? - I'll need to put the pedal to the metal a bit as well as doing my best to keep things fresh and up-to-date.
One thing I have done is shut off the comment filter so your comments will be posted immediately after you write them. I don't know why I had the filter on in the first place. I think it was just always on and I never bothered to shut it off. The site has never had a need to filter comments. In fact, I think I have more comments on posts now than ever before, and I thank you all for that. It's just always been that way, I think (a quick look through shows that I really get heavier traffic during election season but not a lot of posts). Everyone who has commented here has been really cool so there isn't any need to filter the comments, I don't think.
As you all know from reading, I'm very interested in deep public policy thinking and commonsense ideas, at the same time. I know, that's a bit weird, but whatever .... Please though, if you see anything along the road of life, please take the time to share it with me and Politizine readers. Since I don't come at things from a left or right perspective, Politizine is a bit different than most political blogs. But I really do enjoy absorbing information and thinking about things. Maybe I think about things too much, I don't know. I haven't found the "mind shut-off" pill yet ... have you?
Thanks again everyone for reading and participating.


Mark de Zabaleta said...

You make an excellent blog on politics and economics. Thank you very much and good luck in your work.

Mark de Zabaleta
Madrid (Spain / Europe)

Mike Rice said...

Mark nailed it! The mechanics of this blog are also excellent.