Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Midweek stuff
Here are a few things I've seen over the past few days. No, I'm not going to comment on the president, his prime time speech which is coming up, or his proposed "troop surge" which most normal folks realize isn't going to work. Ugh.

The felon, "King" Tom Finneran, gets a drive-time radio show: ["Finneran closes in on WRKO radio host job"]. This is outrageous. That guy no more deserves a radio program than any other felon. Pathetic.

Newspapers continue to try and survive. This time, with a joint agreement to attempt to sell national Web ads together, according to the WSJ: ["Newspapers Set To Jointly Sell Ads on Web Sites"]. As I've said previously, I really like the physical newspaper. So, if this is what it takes for newspapers to survive, so bet it.

This group had a full-page in the WSJ today: ["U.S. Preventive Medicine"]. I've always been an advocate of preventive medicine so this group is a great find. I still think we need to find ways of creating a single-payer system. It is expensive but it will be less expensive than the current health care system which has a dozen problems. It would also cut out the middle man and save money in the long run. I just signed up for their newsletter.

WBZ's Jon Keller spanks "Big Red" Bill Weld: ["UnWeldcome Visitor"]. Ouch! Keller is such a biting commentator. Remember when Weld was floated as a presidential candidate? And then he thought he would run for guv of New York? I saw him on television and I must admit, he looked like sh*t. Too much of the drink, fer sure.

Oh boy, this doesn't look good: ["Global Markets Face 'Severe Correction,' Faber Says"]. The Gloom, Boom, & Doom Report. Wow. Better to stay out of all this stuff.

MSNBC wins ... the first debate, that is: ["MSNBC wins first presidential debate"]. April 26, in South Carolina. Three months and three weeks away. I can hardly wait. But how come South Carolina gets the first one again? Didn't they get the first one in 2003? Oh, alright, we can't have everything first here in New Hampshire.

Think blogging is useless or a waste of time? How about this: ["Blog wields enormous power in New York City restaurant world"].

I forgot to post this last month: ["NASA Plans Lunar Outpost"]. I'm glad they are starting this project. We need a Mars mission and the only way to get there is to launch from the Moon. Some much of the fuel on a rocket is burned to get out of the Earth's atmosphere. There isn't any fuel left to get any further, for the most part. But by launching from the Moon, astronauts should be able to get to Mars in a reasonable amount of time, look around, and get back. While we are spending hundreds of billions on these foolish wars, it is about time we started thinking about space, the final frontier.

Speaking of space, this has gotten a lot of play, even on local television: ["In the sky! A bird? A plane? A... UFO?"]. The great thing about this is that it was real life airline employees who saw it ... not some Lone Gunman or something. I also like this new definition:
Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Hahahaha. It's a UFO, OK? And, it's OK to call it a UFO.

And lastly, a local man wins that silly Super Bowl commercial contest: ["N.H. man wins Super Bowl-ad pitch"].

2008 News
Here are some headlines from the 2008 campaign:

Where to run from? Hillary's thinking: ["Hillary's 2008 Launch Pad: N.Y. or D.C.?"]. I don't know if either location is such a good one for her. I'm still hoping she sits it out.

Brownback eyes the tax issue: ["Sen. Brownback embraces a flat tax in his 2008 presidential bid"].

Jim Gilmore, another conservative Southerner, contemplates an '08 race: ["Former Virginia governor files presidential papers"].

Guy Smiley Romney phones it in: ["Update: Romney Dials for $6.5 Million Dollars"].

Kucinich releases plan to withdraw from Iraq: ["Exit Plan"].

Coy Gore: ["Gore: Will he or won't he enter presidential race?"].

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