Saturday, June 9, 2007

2008 NH Canvassing, Part 1
Volunteers for the Obama 2008 campaign hit my neighborhood with leaflets today as part of its Walk for Change campaign. Here is text from the campaign's press release:

More than 10,000 Obama Supporters Take Part in more than 1,000

“Walk for Change” Events Across the Country

Approximately 350,000 doors knocked

Chicago, IL- Today, more than 10,000 Obama supporters took to the streets in all 50 states for a nationwide neighborhood walk. "Walk for Change" is the Obama campaign’s second nationwide grassroots day of action where participants reached out to members of their communities to recruit volunteers and began to build a local organization to elect Barack Obama.

Obama supporters from all different backgrounds participated in more than 1000 events including “Walk for Change” events in Utah, Alaska and Hawaii. Some of the highlights include Kim Mack’s “Walk for Change” Event in Sacramento where more than 300 people joined the mother of a soldier in Iraq to door-knock in their community. In Iowa, more than 1500 people took to the streets in communities across the state and New Hampshire volunteers completed their second statewide day of door-knocking in just one month, knocking on more than 5000 doors in that time. In South Carolina, more than 300 people braved 95 degree heat to “Walk for Change” in 11 cities and towns. Three hundred door-knockers covered communities in Reno and Las Vegas.

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