Sunday, June 3, 2007

Other debate stuff
More about the June 3 Democratic debate. CNN is reporting that Nader-hater and The Nation brat Eric Alterman was arrested at the debate tonight for refusing to leave the WMUR private room: ["Columnist/author arrested in spin room"].

James Carville: Don't get me wrong, I like James Carville. He's funny and I love it when he and his wife go at it on "Meet the Press." But why is Carville on CNN right now discussing the results of this debate? He is an advisor to Sen. Hillary Clinton. He should not be talking about this race, or, at the very least, without a disclaimer stating that he is advising her.
And why, now, is David Gergen up there? He worked for Bill Clinton and then just said, "I think she won the debate." This is a disgrace.
In addition, CNN only interviewed the insider candidates: Elizabeth Edwards, Richardson, Dodd, and Biden, all received extra time. Other candidates didn't.

This graph was produced by the Chris Dodd campaign about who received the most time on the debate. I don't know if it is accurate or not, but I'm glad it is out there.

Polls: Here are some of the online polls of what people think. DailyKos has two polls now - one put up before the debate ended and one put up after the debate ended. Let's look at the post debate poll: Edwards 27, Obama 22, Clinton 17, More than one of the above 8, Biden and None of the Above received 5, Kucinich 3, with Gravel and Dodd at 2.
Drudge still has his poll up, with more than 18,800 voting: Obama 36, Richardson 15, Clinton 12, Kucinich 10, Gravel 9, Biden 7, Edwards 6, and Dodd 5.

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