Saturday, January 17, 2009

Inauguration day is coming up ...

How long before the "Obama's not my president" bumperstickers hit the market?
How long before the "1-21-13" bumperstickers go on sale?
I'm wondering: Will Republicans be out throwing eggs at Barack Obama's limo ride to the inauguration on Tuesday the same way Democrats were throwing eggs at George W. Bush's car in 2000?
I also don't recall "Entertainment Tonight" covering the Bush inauguration. Do you?
Another question: In the wake of the economic crisis, why are the Obamas spending a single penny of the taxpayers' money redecorating the White House? I mean, how many times does it need to be redecorated?
And, yeah, I'm still wondering if Obama/Biden are actually going to get sworn in. I'm still waiting for Cheney to barricade himself in the White House basement bunker, refusing to give up power ... although, they, along with the Democrats, have so destroyed the nation that it might be a good time for them to high tail it out of Dodge ...

Question to readers: Do any of you have one of these record players?: ["Audio Technica AT-LP2DUSB LP-to-Digital Recording System with USB"]. I tried dubbing some of my records through my new digital receiver and 8-track digital soundboard, into my computer, but the levels were just way too low. I tried a slew of different hook up variations and it still didn't work, unfortunately. If I could find one of these in stock at a store, I might spring for $85 and buy one. But the thought of ordering it online, paying postage, getting it, and having it not work, is worrisome.

Here's a pretty cool press release published in the Somerville Journal: ["Grossman Marketing produces 200 million envelopes (so far) with green power"]. Grossman used to be the DNC chairman. He has noted in the past that his family's printing business has never had a layoff in the history of the company.

Dan Kennedy has this piece on what some newspaper CEOs are getting paid: ["Good jobs at good wages"]. I wrote, in response: Wow, those numbers say a lot. And, after looking at them and thinking about this for a number of hours, I've come to the conclusion that the "death" of newspapers seems to be three-fold: Drop in advertising revenue, gutting of newsrooms AND over-paid leaders of companies who put their own compensation ahead of the product.
I'm no commie, but can't some of them work for less in order to keep others hired? Can't some of them work for less in order to keep the product appealing and worth buying, you know, to try and save it? Think about all the jobs that could be saved if all of the CEOs made 50 percent of what they made last year? That's hundreds of reporters. And, they would still be making more annually than 95 percent of the people in America. Now, you can argue about the stock options are not cash and therefore, it shouldn't be counted, or whatever. But it makes absolutely no sense for many of these people to be making what they're making while their companies crumble - not unlike a lot of CEOs on Wall Street [and don't even get me started on the billions in TARP money that went to salaries and bonuses of the same thieves and liars who destroyed the economy ...]. Where are the BODs of these companies putting the brakes on this while their newspapers whither on the racks? Don't they care about the product they are running into the ground?

A quick "TY" to WBZ-TV's Jon Keller for talking about this blog on his blog: ["Welcome Back, Tony"]. There are some pretty interesting comments on the blog too. I'm glad people took the time to read it but, no, I won't be taking up the "Million Disappointed Men March" any time soon ...

My friend Ben of Elephant Stone Records has a blog: ["Rock n Roll Runner"]. I knew he was a music fanatic but I never knew he was an exercise fanatic.

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Jamie said...

Hi Tony. Thanks for the post.

I have never tried the "Audio Technica AT-LP2DUSB LP-to-Digital Recording System with USB", but I would suggest getting it ground and return it if it doesn't work. BTW: I have a cassette tape player for the PC that I am looking to give away now that I have digitized all of my tapes to mp3. Email me if you are interested.