Friday, January 9, 2009


Well, it looks like another one bites the dust: All but two of the political Web sites run by the New York Observer are closing down: ["Politicker closes three sites; shutters network"].
There are two things that are sad about this. First, was a must-read around these parts and second, two of its two employees - Brian Lawson and James Pindell - are out of work. There is no mention on the site itself as to what is going on.
While there will be other sources of news about politics in New Hampshire, it won't be quite the same without the site [the same way it wasn't when the previous site Pindell worked for,, went under].
You can go to Blue Hampshire for opinion or New Hampshire Union Leader for news and opinion, but the great thing about PolitickerNH was the fact that there was always a short stream of information and news on the site. Some folks didn't like it, but I did and I will miss it.

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