Thursday, February 12, 2009

I can't believe I'm going to say this but ...

I'm beginning to wonder if society should have a conversation about what is acceptable and what isn't in regard to bearing children. I'm brought to this statement after seeing this headline on Yahoo: ["Taxpayers may have to cover octuplet mom's costs"].
In many ways, we all pay for children one way or another. We pay billions for education. Some people pay more taxes than others based on deductions for children by others, because the burden gets shifted. And, as a father who benefits from these deductions, I'm not making a judgment on whether or not this is bad. It is very good. We also do that with housing - home owners with interest get deductions; renters just trying to get by or hoping to eventually become homeowners do not.
But, at some point along the way, someone should have sat down with this woman, who has six other children, and said, You can't have eight more children! I don't know who should have done that or how it should have been done, or whether or not there should be laws against this, but it should have been done. Now that the children have been brought into the world, they must be cared for. But this is so offensive in so many ways, I just can't believe that any mother in the world would be so selfish as to do this.

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