Monday, April 6, 2009

Oh, this is soooo NOT a good idea ...

Who is the brilliant mind behind the UAE getting access to materials to build nuclear power plants?: ["Oil-Rich Arab State Pushes Nuclear Bid With U.S. Help"].
This is a "thank you" out the door from W., since he signed it during his last week in office. But President Obama is reportedly calling the program "a model for the world" ... what? Is he insane? Where are the anti-nuclear activists? There should be protests all over the place because of this insanity. If we are worried about the Iranians having nukes, we should worry about these folks too. I mean, aren't these the same people we didn't want controlling our ports?
So what if they need more electricity? So what if they have scads of money? That place is a desert. with a burning hot sun. Tell them to build solar panels on all their buildings!
The simple fact is that there is no safe nuclear power. It is 10,000 years of death and cancer. It isn't safe here; it isn't safe there. It can't be expanded. It can't be done. Where are the activists? Where are they?!?

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