Sunday, April 5, 2009

Propaganda at my child's preschool?

Here is a picture of a book I saw at my child's preschool book sale.
The other day, my child's preschool had a fundraising event, including pizza, brownies, and a book sale. We go every year and are glad to help out the school, which I think is a pretty good school. The teachers are nice, there is a tone of spirituality - since the school is in a church, and everyone seems to care about the kids. This is a good thing because the kids are at such a very tender age and are just starting to get used to other kids, being outside of the home, etc.
In the book sale room, sponsored by Scholastic, there were a slew of different children's books. But one struck my eye: "Yes, We Can! A Salute to Children from President Obama's Victory Speech." I saw it and thought, Oh, what is this doing here? Why is there political propaganda in my child's school? I never saw such a book for that idiot W. I never saw one with W. holding "My Pet Goat" after 9-11. I never saw one for Clinton. I never saw one for Bush 41 or Reagan either. So why is there one for Obama?
I didn't pick up the book. I probably should have, just get a look at it. But I was so shocked to see this book at my very young child's school that all I could think about was writing a blog post about it [Yeah, that's pathetic].
Later, bothered by what I saw, I did a Google on the book and found it on B&N for $5. The synopsis read: "Beautiful photographs of children throughout the country accompany pictures of President Obama's monumental campaign and acceptance speech." Oh great. Pictures from the campaign, the glorious acceptance speech of our fearless leader, and the children. Sigh.
Can you imagine if Scholastic did this with W. or Reagan? I mean, you can almost see it, Reagan with the red, white, and blue, telling children how he will bankrupt the nation to end communism. W, with his schoolteacher wife, showing kids how to cut brush and spit chaw. Parents would be going ballistic. But, it's OK to do it because Obama supporters are like a cult now [Not unlike the Reagan supporters, actually!].
I mean, what will Obama really do for children? What has he done? I know it's early, but let's be realistic here. Anyone hoping for a miracle is going to be severely disappointed. Oh, there is some stimulus money for education - that the Congress borrowed against the futures of the same children it is supposed to be helping - but let's not talk about that. There will be more taxes - so your parents can't buy you anything because they are paying higher taxes. Oh, but they will buy you things sweetie, they will just charge it against the future.
Still, the larger point is that this kinda of propaganda has no business being in a school for 3 and 4-year-olds. As they get older and they want to learn about the political process, sure. But if only if it is covered fairly, openly, and honestly. Otherwise, it is just a manipulation tool against young mushy minds ... and that's a very dangerous thing.

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