Monday, October 12, 2009


I'll have pictures and a bit about my trip to the Newseum on Sunday. Stay tuned. One thing I was shocked about D.C.? The friggin' 10 percent sales tax! Yikes!!

Update: Maybe I should have written "food tax" is 10 percent ... I paid a 50 cent tax on a $4.99 smoothie at Smoothie King on 7th Street. It says "sale tax" on the receipt and I was pretty shocked by it when the bill came.

Update 2: Just looked at my Newseum receipt and saw a $1.20 tax on $19.95 which is, indeed, 6 percent.


Anonymous said...

The sales tax in DC just raised to 6%, not 10. From DC's website

Tony said...

Thanks Anon850: That's interesting because I paid 50 cents tax on a $4.99 smoothie at Smoothie Kin on 7th Street. So, maybe the food tax is 10 percent?

Jeremy said...

Don't forget about the prepared meals tax in NH of 9%. Spend 50$ on food, pay 4.50$ in taxes.