Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's going on in Boston?

I haven't had much time to write about much at all these days. So, I totally missed the returns from the Boston city elections.
David Bernstein from the Boston Phoenix has some pretty good analysis here: ["At-Large Campaign Funds, As They Pass The Prelim"].
I too would question the remark about Steve Murphy slipping out of the top four. More than $50k with just weeks to go is more than enough money. While he has had trouble in the past with finals - moving from second to third or fourth - that was the distant past. Murphy has made great in-roads into minority and progressive communities over the years. He is a bread-and-butter constituent services guy and folks know they can rely on him to get things done without the platitudes, grandstanding, or hunger strikes.
I don't know if he will make the top two in the end. But I don't see a Kenneally or Jackson toppling him, bumping him to fifth. He'll make the top four.
The fight clearly is between Arroyo, Pressley, and Kenneally [and maybe Jackson too] for the leftover spots. I would sense, knowing that final election voters tend to be less conservative and more "enlightened" [or they think of themselves that way ...], that Arroyo and Pressley will round out the four. Getting some color, and another woman on the council would probably be attractive to voters in the end.

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