Monday, April 5, 2010

Insane ... searching a private home without a warrant ...

Gotta love the bail bondsman ... "I don't need a warrant ..." and saying the federal government allows him to bust into a woman's house ... Wow. OK Democrats, what happened to getting our rights back after Bush-Cheney?

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I dunno, Tony, when the lady started going on about being a sovereign citizen she lost me...she made the mistake of letting them in the house, but if that guy is a bail bondsmen and there is bench warrant he does not need to produce it supposedly.

from elsewhere on the interpipe
"1. A Bail Bondsman doesn't need a warrant. When he bails you out, you agree to allow him to search the premises where you claim to be living. He was acting within his authority when he entered the home without a warrant.

and there's always the Patriot Act the feds can use to excuse anything they do