Monday, August 9, 2010

I don't know what I think about this ...

Rumors are flying ... are the Clintons making their move?: ["Hillary for Vice President?"].
I don't know if this can save Obama.
Although, I don't know if Obama needs to be saved at this point, whether Biden or Clinton is on the ticket. Seriously. Think about it. What Republican is going to beat him? None of them are moderates that anyone could really support, since most Americans are actually pretty moderate. In fact, some of them are bat crazy.
Mitt Romney looks to have the best shot but who knows. If he runs another campaign like the last one, not talking to real folks about real things but getting hung up in his own political theories, he isn't going to win.
I like Mike Huckabee. I met him the last time a couple of times and he was extremely nice and is the only one who has any potential to bring black voters to the Republican ticket. He talks about God and seems to believe it. Although, I've seen him on television recently and it looks like he has gained a lot of his weight back. Not a good sign.
There's Tim Palenty ... Tim who? There's laughable loser Rick Santorum. And then there is Newt, you know, the one who talks about God and the sanctity of marriage and then dumps two of his wives for younger versions.
Personally, out of all of them, I kinda like Sarah Palin. For all the talk about her having no experience in 2008, she had a lot more than Obama did. I look forward to her tromping through the snow in our beautiful state, wearing knee-highs, blathering about whatever, freedom this, mama bear that ... sorry, political eye candy and all.
Sure, it will be fun again in New Hampshire in another six months or so. But nothing will get solved, nothing will be fixed, because it will all be about the two party system with the little people fighting over the crumbs while the few get away with the country's treasure.

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