Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On deadline but I wanted to say one thing in a post this morning ...

It is good to see that here in New Hampshire, those political candidates that aired the most negative and in some cases, downright repulsive and borderline libel campaign advertising, went down to defeat last night. Every ... single ... one.
So, a note to future politicos: When big money consultants say that negative advertising works remember, they are correct: Negative campaigning works to help in your defeat ... at least here in the Granite State. Stay positive, stay focused, and tell the people what you're going to do.
I'll have more commentary later on today or tomorrow, hopefully, when we get more results from the Ayotte-Lamontangne race, that is currently too close to call. Ayotte reportedly has about a 1,000 vote lead as of 4 a.m. this morning, according to the Union Leader email blast. There may even be a recount in the works.

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