Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Ah Kerry, the common man ...
Poor John Kerry – he just can’t get a break.
He seems to have the goods to make a classic president: Decent appearance, award-winning military service, tons of cash, a funny, smart-ass second wife, and a good grasp of some issues. While his campaign is doing well in New Hampshire [20-23 percent, in a virtual tie with Dean], he is rudderless everywhere else [Fourth in most national polls; third in both Iowa and Michigan with 12 percent; 5 percent in South Carolina; 8 percent in Illinois - 20 points behind Carol Moseley Braun(!)].
What's the problem then? Well, the Washington Post kinda nails it on the head in this piece about the steak bomb flap: ["Steak Raises Stakes for Kerry in Philly"].

"For Kerry, a Boston Brahmin, this is something of a sore spot. As he seeks to lose his reputation for $75 Salon Cristophe haircuts, Turnbull & Asser shirts and long fingernails to play classical guitar, he has been seen riding a motorcycle and doing other regular-guy things. Appearing out of touch with the common man can be deadly for a candidate. Recall George H.W. Bush's wonderment in the 1992 campaign upon coming across a supermarket scanner, and Sargent Shriver's legendary request for a Courvoisier while visiting a milltown bar in 1972."

Boy, doesn't that say it all, especially for those of us who have any experience with Kerry? But John, I can’t blame you. Who can eat that processed cheese "stuff?" I don’t care what the food critic says, Cheez Whiz is disgusting. However, your wife should worry: Swiss cheese is very high in cholesterol but it is also very delish.
Also, Howie Carr was all over the airwaves this afternoon with his low brow impression of Kerry, complete with the huffing and puffing and Biff and Buffy routine. And no, he didn’t use Kerry’s now classic pick-up line to young women, "I’m ready to make a commitment to you right now."

It had to happen some time, Part 2
More on Nader getting a pie in the face: ["Nader Takes Pie For Green Party As He Endorses Recall Candidate"]. I tried to get to the KTXL-TV Web site but it isn't up for some reason. I wonder if they have video of this.

A writer makes the case for Kucinich ...
Salem, Mass. resident Daniel Welch talks about supporting Kucinich on his blog: ["We Were Just Talking: (Yet ) another conversation about Dennis Kucinich"].

... while The Philadelphia Daily New's John Baer says it's Dean or Kerry
["It's Dean or Kerry, and not much else"].

Franken at #4 with a bullet
["Franken Makes Light of Fox Slogan Lawsuit"].