Thursday, August 28, 2003

"Edwards turns on the southern charm"
Here is my piece about the Edwards rally in Manchester last week.

The secret is out ...
CNN reveals how the RIAA is nailing downloaders: ["Revealed: How RIAA tracks downloaders"].
For example, the industry disclosed its use of a library of digital fingerprints, called "hashes," that it said can uniquely identify MP3 music files that had been traded on the Napster service as far back as May 2000. Examining hashes is commonly used by the FBI and other computer investigators in hacker cases.
Must be nice ...
Guess who won the lottery? ["US stock exchange chairman gets his share - $140m nest egg"].

How embarrassing is this?
You gotta love the BBC: ["Is This The Reason Bush Is Our President?"].

Clinton in 2004? Please God - No!
Rumors have been swirling in the rightwing press [, Washington Times, etc.] that Sen. Hillary Clinton is planning on jumping into the 2004 presidential race. Personally, I doubt she will run. But this weekend, it looks like the pow wow is on: ["Bush's vulnerability may yet tempt Hillary"] ["Reeves: Hillary Will Decide Presidential Plans Within Days"] ["INTRIGUE AROUND HILLARY '04 OPTIONS"]