Friday, August 1, 2003

Add Traficant to the list ...
NewsMax and FoxNews are reporting that railroaded ex-Democrat Rep. Jim Traficant, now sitting in Allenwood, has given the okay to supporters to form a presidential exploratory committee: ["Imprisoned Traficant Runs for President"] ["Traficant Approves Presidential Exploratory Committee"]. This is great; the more, the merrier. Beam me up Scotty!

... and Larry Flynt too
FoxNews is also reporting that Hustler publisher Larry Flynt has taken out papers to run for governor in Cailfornia's recall debacle: ["Hustler Publisher Flynt to Run For California Governor"]. I can almost hear his slogans now ... "A porn mag in every pot ..." Hah!

Kucinich gets a letter
Last week, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, posted a letter on Common Dreams exhorting help from greens and Naderites in his uphill campaign for president. Well, Kenny Mostern, a political consultant from Oakland, wrote a letter back: ["An Open Letter to Congressman Dennis Kucinich"].
"More Democrats voted for George Bush than voted for Ralph Nader. Al Gore was stiff in the debates. Al Gore was so unpopular that even as the Vice President of a party in power during an economic boom, he lost. Al Gore lost his home state – decisively. Our electoral system allowed a minority vote getter to win. Our electoral system does not include runoffs, instant or otherwise. When Bush declared himself the victor, Al Gore did not act like a President or an opposition leader – he just let it happen."