Sunday, August 31, 2003

Why the two major parties are the problem, Part who knows what ...
Now there is a recall movement against a Republican governor - in Nevada: ["Group Seeks to Recall Nevada Governor"]. While the recall is an interesting provision, unless elected officials are charged with serious crimes, why bother? It is all so ... partisan.

Dean's Sleepless Summer tour connects ...
Check out some of the highlights from Dean's Sleepless Summer tour tonight on CSPAN: ["2004 Vote"]. It is pretty clear that Dean is starting to connect with the voters beyond just New England and Iowa [Leading in NH with 38 percent; leading in Iowa with 25 percent; leading in Maryland with 25 percent; fourth in Michigan and South Carolina with 13 and 4 percent, respectively]. He has earned his front-runner status. The 2004 Vote series is always a good eye opener to behind the scenes stuff. However, I couldn't help but think how similar these Dean events were to Nader's 2000 stadium speaking tour, although, people paid to hear Nader speak.

... most others don't
Two-thirds of American voters can't name any of the candidates: ["Few Paying Mind to Democratic Candidates"].

Delivering the votes
So, here is the head of Diebolt not really being careful about picking his words: ["Voting machine controversy"]. With all the conspiracies swirling around about electronic voting you would think these guys would wise up a little. It could put their business in jeopardy.

Take Back The Media makes FoxNews
["National Review, Fox News, and "Bush Haters"]

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