Sunday, March 12, 2006

Bush censure?

Russ sticks his neck out: ["Feingold Calls for Bush's Censure"]. We'll see how this attempt goes. I recall a supposed move by Sen. John Kerry to call for the impeachment of President Bush but that never materialized. In addition, if President Clinton can be impeached for what he did - essentially being a sexual predator - surely Bush can be censured for acting like a borderline war criminal.

Mitt in stunning second place finish: When there is a hometown boy in the race, the talk is never about first place. And in the case of yesterday's Southern Republican Leadership Conference, second was everything: ["Frist Leads Informal GOP Poll for '08"]. I picked Romney to place sixth: ["Guess Romney's straw poll finish, win a DVD!"]. So, I won't be winning the DVD ... and so much for what I know about southern folks, eh? Or maybe not: ["Faith Hill, Tim McGraw Blast 'Humiliating' Katrina Cleanup"].
"When you have people dying because they're poor and black or poor and white, or because of whatever they are — if that's a number on a political scale — then that is the most wrong thing. That erases everything that's great about our country."
Respect for the dead: Do these people have no shame?: ["Hecklers harass families of US soldiers killed in Iraq"]. What happened to unconditional love? I know it is hard. But you are supposed to at least try. These people need to stop judging people and start looking at their own behavior.

I missed posting these earlier in the week: ["Ranking of World's Billionaires by Forbes"]. 2006 - Rudderless Dems: ["Democrats Struggle To Seize Opportunity"]. Dant dah dah dant, dant dant dah: ["The A-Team Reunite For TV Special"]. V is for: ["The Mad Man In The Mask"].

Some quick stuff from Massachusetts' politics
First, this: ["UMass pollster worked on the side"]. While this isn't too surprising - it happens a lot - I've always wondered about DiNatale. I've seen him say some things over the years that revealed him to either be completely clueless - or totally in the tank to some interest. Well ...

Second, polls. First, this one: ["Reilly leads, Patrick gains in new poll"]. UNH Survey Center does a pretty good job of polling, so I don't think the Globe fixed this. But, it is interesting to see these numbers - with both Dems winning; Miho potentially affecting Healey's campaign; and a whole slew of undecideds.

And that Globe poll is completely different than the one posted by SurveyUSA/WBZ just last week: ["New Poll Shows Tight Race For Governor"]. Of course, this poll asked 200 more voters than the Globe poll. But the Globe poll was a week later. A lot can happen in a week. Although, nothing in this campaign has happened to see numbers move around like that. The electorate in Massachusetts is fickle right now.

The WBZ poll also allows the reader to go into the numbers a bit. Here are some interesting things inside the poll that I noticed:
* Mihos is surprisingly more popular with women than men. This is the same guy who helped to run Jane Swift - working mom, governor - out of town on a rail. Reilly is even stronger with women - if he ends up being the nominee.
* Healey is more popular with men than women. This isn't that unusual since every woman I know thinks Healey is a dingbat and men tend to swing conservative anyway.
* Healey wins over young people [18-34] and Boomers [50-64], while Patrick gets the X-ers [35-49]. But Reilly wins most age groups if he is the nominee, with Healey taking the 65-plus. It is interesting to see young people flip so easily between one candidate and the other. This shows that there is no real party loyalty there in the 18-34 bracket.
* Healey gets 43 percent of the Hispanic vote with Patrick in the race ... wow, so much for the "logic" that the minority candidate would automatically get the minority vote. But if Reilly is the nominee, he sweeps all races. Very interesting.
* Mihos earns more Democrat votes than Republicans [16 to 14] with Patrick as the Dem nominee. With Reilly in, 4 percent more swing to Mihos ... but Healey also loses 7 percent of the Dems. This shows that Reilly turns off some indie-minded Dems who would support Patrick with other Dems going to Reilly over Healey. It also shows that those Dems would prefer Healey over Patrick. Very interesting.
* And if Healey wins, the Democratic nominee - in this case, Patrick - can blame the 19 percent of Dems and 21 percent of voters who described themselves as "liberals" who voted for her.
Is race a factor with these so-called enlightened Democrats and liberals? It seems to be in the last two categories here.

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