Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Why Kerry Murphy Healy will never be governor of Massachusetts
Four words: Christy Mihos, independent candidate: ["Mihos to run as independent"].
Mihos, whose family founded the Christy's Markets store chain, is one of the reasons Jane Swift isn't governor today, after he fought off being fired by Swift during the Big Dig/Turnpike scandals. He is also one of the reasons that Mitt "Guy Smiley" Romney is governor today, encouraging the Mittster to break his promise that he wouldn't challenge a sitting Republican for gubernatorial seat but bumped-off Swift anyway. Despite what people said, Swift wasn't a bad governor in the scheme of things. She was a moderate Republican who cared about the right things. But the good ole' boys didn't like that should could breed and govern at the same time.
Then, 9-11 hit on her watch, with the hijacked jets flying out of Logan and Guy Smiley was later featured with fireworks and flags at the Olympics in Utah. Presto, instant governor.
Adam Reilly has one of Mihos' big - albeit probably unrealistic - ideas: ["Mihos's Big Idea"]. Reilly also has a piece on AG Tom Reilly's collapsing campaign: ["Ship without a rudder"].
More on the logistics of a potential Mihos indie run after he officially announces.

In the Better Late Than Never category, place this: ["Is 'Made in U.S.A.' back in vogue?"].
"'U.S. retailers are finally looking at lost sales as lost revenue,' said Cohen. 'They know that in order to capture maximum sales they need to turn their inventory much quicker.' The disadvantage of importing from China, he said, is that it requires a longer lead time of between three to six month from the time an order is placed to when the inventory is stocked in stores."
Eh, is it this or the fact that stuff in China is junk? But no matter what the reason, this is good news for the nation, long-term.

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