Thursday, March 2, 2006

R.I.P.: Harry Browne
Two-time Libertarian presidential candidate Harry Browne died today: ["Harry Browne, Libertarian candidate, dies"]. I got a chance to interview Browne in 1996 and he gave me the whole hour for an interview even though my show was on a 125 watt non-profit FM station. He was gracious and seemed to have a real concern for the American people. While I didn't agree with all his ideas, Browne truly cared about the country.

Mihos roundup: Even though I no longer live in Massachusetts, I'm still watching the gubernatorial campaign there with interest. It has made for good reading and will be all the more interesting to watch as Christy Mihos jumps in as an indie. Here is Mihos' official Web site: ["Christy Mihos for Governor"] and the latest roundup of stories:
["Mihos workers abandon ship in rough seas"] This is not a surprise: Ron Vining has been involved in Republican campaigns for a long time. I doubt he would work for an indie.
["Mihos Campaign Faces Challenges"]
["Independents need to step up in political arena"] Here is a letter from an aquaintance of mine, John Valianti, who was involved in the fight to Save Fenway Park.

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