Thursday, March 16, 2006

Well, maybe not so ...
Thanks to Adam Reilly over at the Phoenix for posting this: ["Romney backers paid the expenses of some to attend Tenn. poll"]. Since I rarely read the Globe anymore, I totally missed this. But, it makes the Romney second place poll finish look a bit, well, planned.

Democrats "cowering": That is how Feingold put it yesterday: ["Feingold Accuses Democrats of 'Cowering'"]. It seems pretty accurate. All talk; no action. Pathetic. Here is what the great William Greider thinks: ["A Peculiar Politician"]. The closing quote is a killer:
"For the moment, however, let us celebrate the man. The club will try to shove him in a closet and forget his little unpleasantness ever happened. I hope they fail and other Dems are properly embarrassed. Amid scandals in high places, Senator Feingold is fresh air. The country should rise up and sing."

Updated political site: I've been meaning to post that, a junkie's dream site, has recently gone through a revamp. You can see for yourself by clicking here: [""]. James does a pretty good job covering all things 2008 as well as local New Hampshire political news. The upgrade is impressive.

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