Friday, December 22, 2006

2008 Roundup
Here is the latest roundup of 2008 presidential race articles:

The national media is finally starting to look into Gov. Mitt Romney's swift shift on social issues and here is the latest analysis: ["Mass. Governor's Rightward Shift Raises Questions"]. Romney was in the Granite State today campaigning, including a stop by the radio station I work at. Here is the key passage of the article:

The apparent gulf between the candidate who ran for the Senate in 1994 and the one getting ready to run for president has raised questions as to who is the real Mitt Romney.

Well, that's true. But reporters, don't miss the 2002 gubernatorial campaign in which Romney essentially reiterated many of the same things to win the corner office. He won that race by 5 percent and the only thing that saved him was his liberal positions on social issues. Also, don't forget his four years as governor. Any observer could make the case that human beings - even politicians - can change their political positions over a period of 12 years [figuring 1994 to 2006]. But one or two years? Eh, no, that smacks of opportunism not enlightenment. And those of us who have been following Romney aren't really surprised by this. More, much more, to come later.

Rep. Hunter pulls a Buchanan: ["TV spots say China is stealing U.S. jobs"]. This is a total surprise but it shouldn't be. Airing these ads so early in the process is a smart move by Hunter, who is a total long shot in the 2008 presidential race. The trade issue should be a bigger one than it probably will be. However, there are votes there and Hunter has a good rep on the issue.

This guy nails Pataki about debt service and taxes: ["Pataki lacks presidential timbre"]. A guy I know who recently moved from New York called Pataki delusional for thinking he could become president. But who knows.

And, the all important people skills: ["Making sure you have the right people gear"].

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