Saturday, December 16, 2006

Thirteen months away
The 2008 presidential primaries, including the New Hampshire primary, are a little more than a year away. I've been meaning to blog about this - a very special time for New Hampshire voters - but I haven't had time. I will try and get to it this weekend, probably by Sunday night.
One thing I have noticed right away is that people seem to think the process is coming on too fast. But when one compares it with the 2004 cycle, the primary process is actually starting pretty late here. Most of the candidates were already skulking around by this time in the process last time with some even announcing they were running. Before the midterms, there were only a handful of announced candidates, including former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel, a Dem, who has an apartment in Manch now, and Chicago businessman John Cox, a Republican. Since that time, a few more, like Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich, have jumped in with at least one big name, Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh, seeing the writing on the wall: ["Bayh Rules Out White House Bid in 2008"]. This was a smart move on his part because, while it is anyone's guess who will win, his chances were probably pretty bad. However, he will be on the short list for VP, especially if the Democratic nominee is left-of-center.
For at least a year, potential candidates have been scoping things out. Junkies have already been talking about it and Web sites have been set up [I would encourage everyone to go to the WKXL 1450 "Eye on '08" page at for a look at audio gathered by the station's staff].
Former Oklahoma Gov. Frank Keating is also considering a run, saying he doesn't see any Reagan Republicans in the field. I guess he hasn't met Cox: [John Cox]. More later this weekend.

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