Sunday, December 31, 2006

More on Edwards' swing

Here are a couple of articles from the rest of Edwards' announcement tour. Here is the scene in Nevada: ["Edwards courts Nevadans with Reno stop"]. And here is the coverage in Iowa: ["Edwards enters presidential race"].

Here is a good piece about Hillary's fall in the polls:
["Hillary falls to earth in poll race"]. Interesting that she is worried about Obama and she hasn't even gotten into the race. You're supposed to get into the race first, then worry about your opponents.

Over on the GOP side, he is a piece about a local guy getting into the ring for John McCain again: ["Dennehy on the job for McCain"]. I think McCain is going to have more problems this time around than he did last time. A lot of Republicans here are against the war, never mind a continuation of the war, and there hasn't been a lot of "straight talk" from McCain in the last six years.

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Anonymous said...

I think Jimmy Carter should run again.

Drop me a line old friend!

Jim Hildreth