Thursday, May 3, 2007

They're calling it the Reagan Derby ...

MSNBC's GOP debate was held tonight and they're calling it the Reagan Derby, probably because it was held at the Reagan Library. Interestingly, the debate was co-sponsored by The Web site, an up and coming political news blog. I only caught a quick few minutes of it because it's "Grey Anatomy" night here at the house and I could only catch a bit of it on the commercials. Similar to what Daily Kos did for the Democratic debate, the Drudge Report has a poll going. With more than 8,400 respondents, Giuliani leads with 25 percent, Romney with 24 percent, Thompson 19 percent, Paul 10, McCain and Tancredo had 6, Huckabee and Hunter had 3, Brownback and Gilmore had 2.

Update: Over at Kos, they have a poll: "Who Won/Lost-Least Miserably?" Guess who's winning? Zombie Reagan comes in with 42, Paul 19, Romney 10, Huckabee 8, McCain 6, Giuliani 4, "Newt/Fred Thompson," Tancredo, and Tommy Thompson 2, Brownback, Gilmore, and Hunter 1.

Second update: On the Drudge poll, with 24,500-plus voting, Romney has 32, Giuliani 23, Paul 13, Thompson 10, McCain 6, Tancredo 5, Huckabee and Hunter 3, Brownback and Gilmore 2.

Third update: The Kos poll has Paul at 22, Romney at 12, and Huckabee at 6, and the rest in lower digits. With almost 39,000 voting at Drudge, Romney has 34, Giuliani 22, Paul 14, Thompson 8, and McCain 6, with the rest below that.

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