Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's going to be an interesting night ...

Vermont is being called for Obama.
Exit polls say Ohio, Rhode Island, and Texas are "dead locked." This is interesting, from ABC News:
The early exit poll data suggest a smaller-than-previous turnout by union voters in Ohio. At the same time it also finds broad anti-trade sentiment: About eight in 10 believe that trade with other countries takes more jobs from Ohio than it creates. Anti-trade sentiment is lower in Texas, with about six in 10 there saying trade takes jobs.
Well, not sh*t Sherlock. You watch your neighbors lose their jobs at the factories, over and over again, and you see how you feel about these horrible trade deals passed by Democrats and Republicans.
Newsweek's Alter says Hillary could win 16 straight and still lose the nomination: ["Hillary's Math Problem"].
Huckabee seems ready to give up: ["Huckabee: Wednesday will be a 'planning day'"].

This is funny:

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