Sunday, March 2, 2008

Terminator is here [and other thoughts for the day]

The other day, when I was reading some papers and Web sites online, I saw this and almost spilled my cup of coffee all over myself: ["Automated killer robots 'threat to humanity'"].
To be honest, I hadn't quite thought about the terror implications of a rogue nation [or mercenaries hiding in caves] getting their hands on a bunch of these. I was more thinking what would happen if all of a sudden these machines just started running themselves, randomly killing everything? What if there was a computer glitch, and we couldn't get control of them again [like, say, a funky, secret spy satellite in the sky, hint, hint]? Are we really ready to enter "The Terminator" age? I think not.

Speaking of movies and modern times, check this article out: ["Department of Pre-Crime"].

This is the new Dodge ZEO concept car, unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show last month. ZEO meaning "Zero Emissions Operation." I hate the color but it looks pretty snazz, can go from 0 to 60 in six seconds, and will go 250 miles on one charge. In other words, this might be the kind of electric car many of us have been waiting for.

Speaking of cars, here is a story about a guy who has rigged his Toyota Prius to get 100 mpgs: ["100 mpg: Experimental hybrid extends mileage"].

This is pretty interesting: ["Comcast Admits Paying Attendees"]. What are these folks so afraid of? It's not like he is Roger Smith or "Chainsaw" Al or Jack Welch. What a 'fraidy cat, can't stand up to some Birkenstock-wearing protesters? Amazing.

What is good for the government should be good for the corporation, right?: ["Employee's suit: Company used waterboarding to motivate workers"]. Wrong!

It's tax time again. So, after you're done with them, go on over to the Fair Tax Web site and use their calculator to figure out what your taxes would be with a consumption tax: ["Americans For Fair Taxation"]. Personally, I'm not completely sold on this idea. I believe that the retail sector - the only jobs-producing sector in the economy right now - would be hit really hard.
I also think that any sales tax concept should include a stock transaction tax. Including a stock transaction tax would lower the percentage of the consumption tax because those people on Wall Street do a lot of flipping. As well, it would encourage the investor class to hang onto stock and stop flipping, which would stabilize investments and the economy.
In addition, food purchased at the grocery store - not meals at restaurants but milk, bread, etc., as well as fuel and utilities - should be exempt from the consumption tax.
But while I'm not sold on the idea, experimenting with this would be better than what we have now.
Also, here is a column from the Boston Globe written by a Boston University professor on why this tax change is a good idea: ["Why Democrats should love the Fair Tax"]. Too bad this wasn't published before the Massachusetts presidential primary.

This is a different take on a Top 10 list: ["Ten Best: People who will never be president"].

The write-ins have finally been counted in New Hampshire. Here are some of the results: ["Ballot count complete"]. Usually, this is done a lot earlier but the SOS's office has been a bit distracted by all those recounts.

You think that in 2008 kids could be, well, kids, and wouldn't have to worry about this kind of stuff: ["Ohio school suspends boy over Mohawk"].

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FairTaxMan said...

I have been a FairTax supporter since April 2006 when the central Florida FairTax group was started in Orlando.

I can tell by your comments that you like the idea too.

I can also tell that you haven't read "The FairTax Book" by Neal Boortz and congressman John Linder (R) Georgia.

There is a reason that no items are exempt; as opposed to your thoughts that some items, like food, should be left out. It has to do with not leaving any room for lobbyists in Washington anything to go "tinkering" with for their "special interest" groups.

There is a provision in the FairTax bill that will rebate (called a prebate) the taxes families would pay for the basic necessities of life; which would include food, shelter, clothing, etc. up to the poverty level
for each family size - not income. This way the lowest income families will be "untaxed" at the federal level. All "legal" heads-of-household will be eligible for the "prebate"; but it will help low and middle income families more than say - Donald Trump.

If you exempted food from the tax then a poor family would go to the store and get say $200 in groceries that would be tax exempt. Then Donald Trump would go to the store and buy say - $20,000 in smoked salmon, champagne, etc., that would be tax exempt. Who would be getting the biggest benefit? Not the people who should be getting it. The better off someone is - the less assistance they should need, or get.

If you want to get into the nitty-gritty of the FairTax plan; go ahead and spring for the book. It's cheep, plus all the proceeds go to charity.

Once you've read the first book I bet you will be running out to get the follow up book "FairTax -The Truth" by the same authors & one new comer to the scene.

I know after reading both of them there won't be enough room on your blog for all the positive things you will be wanting to share with everybody and their dog. Enjoy!

I too am a Huckabee supporter. I intend to stick with him all the way to the convention. McCain isn't crowned yet; and as far as I can see he shouldn't be. Did you know that McCain has made a point of saying he doesn't support the FairTax? His reason, and I'm not kidding here, is because he read in the newspaper where it wasn't a good idea! How's that for having done your homework! Mike Huckabee did something radical and unheard of after being asked what he thought about the FairTax - he read the book! How can McCain say he's for lowering taxes and not be for this great idea? Who, in their right mind, doesn't want to see the IRS close their doors forever? Oh, I forgot. There are people who like to be abused.

Bye the way; nice story on the Prius. My sister and brother-in-law have a Honda Civic hybrid. I'm going to forward your link up to them in Arkansas.

Best Regards,
William Wright
Orlando, FL