Monday, March 3, 2008

Two quick things

First, the subscribers list has been abuzz all weekend about radio and newspaper layoffs. For those readers interested in that topic, click here for an archived list of some of the emails: ["March 2008 Archives by Thread"].
Second, Nader's VP Matt Gonzalez has a well-written oped from Counterpunch about why he would not support Barack Obama's campaign for president: ["Count Me Out"]. Obviously, we knew he was not going to support Obama due to the fact that he is running for VP himself. But this collection of quotes and positions should really make Democrats think twice about this guy. I mean, who can't vote for increasing the amount of money the nation collects from mining interests? Who can't support capping credit card interest at 30 percent?! As I have said before, although probably not as loudly as I should have, everyone has to wonder what the definition of "Change we can believe in" actually is. If it is just getting Bush/Cheney out of the White House, which was pretty much the change Hillary Clinton was offering before she repeatedly started fiddling with her themes, well, that just isn't good enough.

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