Sunday, October 19, 2008

Late Sunday night link dump

Here are some things to read:

I tried to watch this on C-Span online but couldn't get the link to work. Oh well, it happens. You can read the NYT version of events here: ["Nader Displays New Fervor on the Bailout Issue"].

Reading Ann Coulter is not something I do very often. But I, like some other folks, are beginning to wonder about these polls. They are all over the map. Coulter says, Hey, voters never lie to a pollster: ["EIGHTY-FOUR PERCENT SAY THEY'D NEVER LIE TO A POLLSTER"]. Speaking of polls, the Web has been all abuzz about this crazy AP/Yahoo poll that shows Obama with a 2 percent lead over McCain ... when they questioned 223 more Democrats than Republicans in the poll!: ["AP/Yahoo Poll Shows 2% Separating McCain, Obama"]. While the national polls don't matter, it's the state by state polls, if I were advising Obama, I would worry about only having a 2 percent lead with such a huge oversampling of voters from my own party.

Buy Politizine on Kindle? Yeah, I guess so: ["Politizine (Kindle Edition)"]. I too was a little surprised to find this on Amazon. And no, I don't have any idea how this happened or whether or not I will see any cash from this. Since the site's Kindle ranking is #69,795, I doubt they have sold any.

There is no such thing as a "Bradley Effect": ["THE "BRADLEY EFFECT" POLITICAL URBAN LEGEND"].

Why am I not surprised by this, from Sen. Joe Biden, D-MBNA: ["Biden routes campaign cash to family, their firms"]. Ah-yut, that's right, keeping it all in the family ...

Looking for some cool widgets and other things? Check this site out: ["lab pixies"]. It came with the new Firefox/emusic upgrade.

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