Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oh well, never mind: Third party debate canceled

Well, this friggin' sucks: ["Your Sunday's Free Again. 3rd-Party Debate Canceled"].
Right below the story, a commenter posted some of the details of why the debate isn't happening:
"A few weeks ago, we at and invited every presidential candidate having a mathematical chance of winning the 2008 election to participate in an online debate to be streamed via Soon after our offer to the candidates, we were approached by Christina Tobin of, and asked to try to expand the debate to a live event so that more media could cover the debate. More media coverage means more reach to the American public, which is good for the candidates, their supporters and the country. We gladly accepted the challenge and began to work with to that end.

Despite our efforts, we encountered a number of challenges. Most of the candidates had packed schedules and availability conflicts, especially when limited in choice by venue availability. About one week ago, we at decided that due to the scheduling difficulties, we would serve the community best by offering an online debate as per our original intent, while Christina Tobin and continued to pursue the live event.

Today the candidates have two options available to them. The live debate event scheduled in New York City on Oct 19th at 8pm EST at Columbia University, or the online event to be streamed via on the same date from 7pm to 9pm EST."

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