Sunday, October 12, 2008

Many think media too hard on Palin

Gee, you think?: ["Many Say Press Has Been Too Tough on Palin"].
Sometimes, the American people are so smart. Sometimes, they are not too smart. Clearly anyone who has watched the Sarah Palin coverage with an open mind realizes that she has been hammered harder than anyone else in this race. Especially when compared to the cakewalk Barack Obama has received. You know I may have to change my mind on whether or not the media was too hard on Hillary Clinton. Maybe they were. Maybe they just really don't want a woman at any level of power.


mike_b1 said...

And maybe she's just a no talent hack and the American people deserve to know that even if Bush apologists like you want to continue your long history of hiding and obfuscating the facts.

Tony said...

Since it is your first visit, I should let this go by Mike. But the simple fact is that I am hardly a Bush "apologist" for pointing out that he didn't win in 2004 by a "razor-thin" margin or anything else that I have written.