Sunday, October 5, 2008

Some things to read and think about ...

Alright, I haven't had a link dump in quite a while. So here you go:

First, there is this from our local television news station noting that, no, there is no credit problem: ["Loans Still Available During Credit Crunch"]. So, why again was there this bailout? There have been a couple of other articles too, noting that local banks seem to be pretty strong.

This guy has economic winners and losers [eBay and prisons up, retail and restaurants down] and also how to have a "green" retirement: ["Economic Collapse Winners and Losers"].

Every since the days I lived in NYC and the "gay cancer" emerged and many activists claimed it was a plot by a pharm company doing tests in Haiti to get rid of them, I have always wondered about AIDS and HIV. How could such a devastating disease only be a few decades old? Where did it come front? Certainly not because you are gay, a Haitian, or a hemophiliac? Well, now scientists may have found a strain of the virus that is more than a century old: ["HIV Outbreak Began Decades Earlier Than Thought"].

This group wants to open the debates: [""].

They haven't been successful so far.

File this in the "I really want one" category: ["Pilot completes jetpack challenge"].

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