Monday, August 2, 2010

Another punk rock godfather bites the dust ...

Rest in peace, Derf Scratch, the original bass player of the band FEAR: ["R.I.P. Derf Scratch, Founding Member of Fear"].
Thanks to Al Quint for linking this. Sad to go out this way. But at least he was able to put his mark on one of the best - and most controversial - punk albums of all time. I have quite a few FEAR songs in the cue at work and regularly have to turn them down, so as not to offend (Example, from "Fresh Flesh" ... "piss on your warm embrace, I just want to c*m in your face ..." not the best thing to be playing loudly in an office with mixed genders who you respect immensely).
I remember one friend's parents, a couple of Baby Boomer professionals who were having marital problems and divorced not long after their kids entered high school, going absolutely wild with anger (and fear?) when they caught their son listening to this record (and many others).
My parents were quite tolerant, considering. I sense that maybe, as a parent, I might be tolerant too ... so long as the music they bring home isn't complete crap.

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