Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chris Young, Providence's next mayor?

I haven't really been watching this race, or a lot of races these days. But I did stumble upon this guy, Chris Young, who is running for mayor of Providence, the beautiful city in Rhode Island.
Young is a long-shot candidate there but has been garnering headlines for the usual things - being a "gadfly," and perennial candidate, etc., the typical media cheapshot comments that pigeonhole creative people who try to win political races. Having said that though, talk a look at these two clips and answer this question: Isn't this guy the best person to be the next mayor there?:

Sure, he's a bit off-key in his song. But what's wrong with having someone who is a bit quirky lead a city? Can he do a worse job than most career politicians? Answer? No, probably not. And the city would have nothing to lose by electing this guy.

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