Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thinking about Sid and Nancy

Not the movie so much as the lives.
Late last night, I was flipping through channels of absolutely nothing on (why am I paying $50 a month for this again?) and came across the tail end of "Sid & Nancy." I've seen it a number of times - we own it on DVD, as a part of the wife's Gary Oldman collection - and wasn't really in the mood for a downer film. But I didn't want to flip around anymore, so I left it on.
We got to talking about the film and I had thought that Mick Jones had been playing with Sid on his solo material. I started Googling around and found out that my suspicion was correct.
I also came across two things: That Nancy's mother wrote a book about her life - there is an excerpt of it here ["Love me, Kill me"] - and that there was a film released recently that challenges the official story about Sid murdering Nancy:

I don't know if Sid murdered Nancy. We all believed he did. I think sometimes though that police investigators do come to the easiest conclusions. So this looks like it might be worth a viewing.
As far as the mother's book goes, it tells a slightly different story than the film, especially during the Sid and Nancy visit to Nancy's relatives. Of course, the mother is going to have a completely different take on things, that might be true or not, but the read is tragic and sad, as you might imagine.

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