Friday, September 5, 2003

Debate coverage
I had to work last night so I didn't see the debate in New Mexico. Gephardt got most of the lead quotes. But here is some of the reaction:
"Dems bash Bush: Charges fly at debate"
"Democrats rip Bush in 8-way debate"
"Democratic Rivals Focus Attacks on Bush"
"Democratic Rivals Focus Barbs on Bush"
"Democrats rip Bush during debate"

Globe does a Boston City Council story ...
Shock! Horrors! Well, it is one of those legacy angles on former Mayor Kevin White's daughter running: ["An ailing Kevin White takes to the trail"]. There are two, shock, two columns about the race today in the Herald - Carr's take on the White candidacy and Manly on at-Large Councilor Stephen Murphy and affirmative action - but you have to pay for them. I'll read them when I see the newspaper.

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